Globally Accredited
Digital Marketing Institute

Chartered Institute of Social Media & Digital Marketing

Corporate Affairs Commission RC Number:- 1502059

Accredited Digital Marketing Institute in Nigeria, Africa

Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing (CISMDM) is an international management certification company located in Nigeria West Africa, with authorized training providers spread across other continents of the world.
Our courses are designed based on global best practices to ensure maximum capacity and ability of the worker to be utilized having possessed needed managerial ability.
Our certifications foster courage in workers of any organization, knowing that they can make sure that such organizations meet up with current demands, prospects and challenges of today’s corporate world, aimed at ensuring viability.
Our goal is to bring you to self-actualization in your career.


CISMDM’s Digital Marketing Course is Nigeria’s 1st HYBRID Program( In-class Training)

  • Nigeria’s Largest In-class Digital Marketing Institute.
  • Nigeria’s only affordable and Step by Step digital marketing.
  • The only institute with 6 different University Partner in 3 countries.
  • Successfully Completed 122+ Batches.
  • First one and only institute that offer a professional Certificate and University professional Certificate in Nigeria


You’re doing well- this is an appraisal for those who have chosen the digital system over Traditional system. What’s choice today? online or offline Marketing?

Are you thinking of spending between 60k – 500k to learn Digital Marketing? that’s fine but we got something for you

Here’s a good piece of advice – If you are a business owner, Student or Working Professional, you can save cost by acquiring the skill and promote your brand yourself. If you are an aspiring Digital Marketer you are making a pertinent decision that CISMDM can make come through.

Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing is offering you exclusive Digital training for Business Owners, Student, Working Professional and Aspiring Digital Marketers to learn core aspects of Digital Marketing from basic to advance level.

Online & Offline Training & Certification Fee for June Only #50,000

Online + Offline Training & Certification Fee for June Only #50,000

Our Course Content

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing.
2. Lead Generation & Email Marketing.
3. Social Media Marketing & Management.
4. Search Engine Marketing
5. Google Display Marketing & Video marketing.
6. Content Marketing.
7. Sales and Funnel & Customer Behavior.
8. Stream of Income & Mini-Importation.
9. Search Engine Optimization.
10. Business Graphics.

Certification Benefit​

After the course you are now entitled to use after your name the denigratory letters “ACISMDM”, “CH.DMP, “PGD.DM”

You will Be Awarded 3 Global Certification
1. PGD in Digital Marketing
2. Chartered Digital Marketing Professional
3. Associate Membership

The Training Automatically qualifies you for any
of the Foreign Certifications International
A. Newton Hills Business School USA
Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing
B. European International University France
1. Certificate in Digital Marketing
2. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Course Benefit​

Lifetime Support
1. Monthly Revision Class
2. Free Access to Online Course
3. Support WhatsApp Group
4. Direct Access to Tutor
5. Digital Marketing Handbook
6. Digital marketing Marketing Strategy Handbook
7. Other Materials Like :- Over 1,000 Facebook,
Instagram, Google & Twitter Ads Examples