Certified Your Trainings Centre and Your Certifications.
Get associated with ICDM. Attract more students to your training school.
Become a certified training partner
Being our Certified Training Partner means your courses are accredited with our global network – giving them a mark of prestige and a guarantee of quality.
Helping you be the best
Save time on preparing courses and access the best training materials available. Our resources have been compiled by experts in business continuity and resilience.

Our training license is offered on a rolling contract; you can end the contract by giving 90 days’ notice.
What you’ll get as training partner
As an official training partner of the institute you’ll have access to a wide range of benefits:
• Prestige – association with the industry-leading body in Digital Marketing.
• Quality materials – access to the best training resources
• Discounted rates – for corporate partnership
• Expert support – feedback for training instructors and ongoing support from our education team
• Advertisement / Marketing toolkit – The institute will promote all courses online on behalf of our Training Partners
• Training – Our Training Partners will do the training on behalf of the institute
• Certification—The Institute will award Certification after Completion of Training with our partner
• Commission – The Training Partner are given 50% of the Course Fee
• Accreditation – The Institute will issue all partners licenses or Certificate of Approval