Digital Marketing Training Course In Lagos Nigeria /

‘ Get Certifications And Get Your Dream Job’

These are the new approved Certifications, from the Board of the Instiute of Chartered Digital Marketing.

Applicants will be assessed on their education, training, knowledge, skill and experience (K.S.E.). Due consideration will be given to those who are qualified only by practical experience.

There are many people who, through no fault of their own, have not had the opportunity to gain academic qualifications during their careers. These people may also apply for membership based on their own individual merits, practical experience and position.

This is a direct membership certification without lectures and exams and it’s based on work experience only for working professionals in the field of Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Design & Development, Computer Science, Seo & Sem Specialist, Content Marketing etcor Marketing related areas etc.

Entry Requirements: Diploma, HND, B.Sc or Professional Certificates in any course of study, but MUST have minimum of 2 years work experience in areas of interested certifications.

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One Certification: N50K
Two Certifications: N80K
Three Certifications: N100K
1. Chartered Digital Marketer
2. Chartered Digital Sales Professional
3. Chartered Digital Marketing Professional
4. Chartered Master In Digital Marketing
5. Chartered Digital Marketing Specialist

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