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This course has been designed from a beginners perspective to provide a step by step guide from ground up to going live with your WordPress website. It not only covers the conceptual framework of a wordpress based system but also covers the practical aspects of building a modern website or a blog. This is surely a “How To Guide on WordPress” and after this course you will be able to build your own professional websites for your business or for your self.

You will start with WordPress building blocks and Installation and follow it with the theory of Content Management. You will then learn the major building blocks of the WordPress Admin Panel. The next unit will teach you about Posts, pages and Forums. Plugin Management is the next unit which will teach you to add cool galleries and videos to your Website or Blog. You will also get to know about SEO and Meta tags. The last unit will be about themes which makes your site looks professional and give it the design you like.

The courses that are covered in this program include:

  1. Intro to WordPress and Content Management
  2. Local Environment Setup
  3. Installing WordPress
  4. Admin Tour
  5. Creating Pages
  6. Creating Posts
  7. Forms in WordPress
  8. SEO and Metatags
  9. Downloading and installing plugins
  10. Downloading and Installing Themes
  11. Localhost
  12. Hosting | Cpanel | Domain
  13. eCommerce Site
Course Fee:-

Programme Date:-
18th – 20th March 2019

Diploma In Web Design


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